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2019 yılından beri Futurelab marka adı ile
geliştirdiğimiz sistemler ile preanalitik çözümler



As ‘’Gelecek’’… We offer solutions to optimize your products, operation and production with our qualified and experienced staff. Whether increasing the efficiency of your laboratory or requires of automation solutions, we fulfill your specific requirements in the best possible way with a combination of software, mechanics and electronics.


Gelecek Engineering offers innovative and reliable preanalytical solutions for ‘’low, medium and high’’ volume laboratory and hospital venesection (blood collection) services. With our solutions we offer under the brand-name ‘’Futurelab’’ , your preanalytical operations will be simplified, manual tasks and workload will be reduced, and your productivity and quality will increase.


We are pulling out all the stops to meet all kinds of needs of our customers, focusing on solutions instead of problems. We want to ensure the absolute customer satisfaction first.

Solution Oriented

With the principle of using innovative thinking and technology, our expert technical staff and working team we are keeping up with the developing technology and offer innovative, economical and reliable solutions, and continue our work with the aim of always achieving better.


We offer unique solutions to your different problems. In this regard with our 3, patented, original Futurelab Preanalysis systems, Turkey's first and only barcoded tube pairing system, the world's first and only ready-barcoded tube pairing system and cap opening system working with analyzer tray are at your service.

Reliable and Truthful

Reliability and truthfulness are our key parameters when dealing with our customers. We continue to provide effective solutions to our customers all over the world, whether before or after the sales and during the projects we carry out together.

We help young companies to expand business

“Through our cognition-based coaching and consulting approach, we facilitate your business growth from small to mid-size, from mid-size to global, or from crisis to success.

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