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Futurelab DC-X

Tube Capping

Futurelab DC-X is an automatic tube cap opening system compatible to work with all kinds of analyzer original racks.


Usable Tubes

Futurelab DC-X can work with tubes of all brands of tubes with rubber, plastic caps (BD Vacutainer, GBO Vacuette, Vacusera etc.).

Tray Unit

The system can work with analyzer trays (tray). Racks are automatically stacked on the analyzer tray after the lid is opened. Thus, time loss during manual sorting of the racks on the tray is prevented and problems such as spilling of the samples are prevented. The tray with racks on it is loaded directly into the analyzer device.

Rack Capacity

15 racks can be loaded at the same time in Futurelab DC-X.


Futurelab DC-X can open up to 2000 tube caps per hour.

Cap Opening

The system can work with the original racks of any analyzer (Roche, Siemens, Abbott, Beckman, Tecan, Mindray, etc.). It will be sufficient to adjust the cover opening module according to the rack from the rack adjustment arm.

User interface

Simple operation via the color touchscreen.

Technical Features

  • 15 rack sorting
  • 200 tubes / hour speed
  • Dimensions 50 (W) x 70 (L) x 60 (H) cm
  • Continuous tube, rack loading capability

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