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Futurelab L600

Tube Barcoding

Futurelab L600 is a system that automatically selects and labels blood collection tubes according to the "LIS or HIS" system. Futurelab L600 guarantees patient and sample safety, shortens tube preparation times and helps prevent medical accidents.


User interface

Simple operation via the color touchscreen.


There are 2 printers in the system, 1 automatic and 1 manual. 6 types of test tubes in the drawers are quickly transported to the labeling unit and barcoded with an automatic printer. The manual printer manually prepares barcodes for urine and stool sample containers only.

Usable Tubes

Futurelab L600 can classify all kinds of blood collection tubes. Cylindrical tubes with a length of 76-120 mm and a diameter of 8-19 mm are easily processed with this machine.

Fast Tube Preparation

The system can prepare up to 1200 tubes per hour.

Continuous Flow

The system works continuously on a continuous flow basis. The device does not need to be stopped to load tubes.

Tray Unit

Trays can be loaded and unloaded easily.

Technical Features

  • 6 / 8 tube chamber
  • 100 tubes per chamber
  • 2 printers
  • Dimensions 500 (W) x 640 (L) x 700-874 (H) mm

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