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Futurelab MS2500

Numune Kabul ve Tasnif Cihazı

Futurelab MS2500 is a compact desktop sorting system used to load and sort blood collection tubes based on data from LIS or HIS. It improves the workflow in clinical laboratories, especially in the pre-analytics stage in the sample entry area, and enables laboratory staff to make their time more efficient and concentrate on their core tasks. With the advantage of its small size, the device offers a perfect solution for small and medium-sized laboratories.


User interface

Simple operation via the color touchscreen.


The defined tubes are transported by a conveyor and then guided to the target drawer with the help of doors. Unidentified tubes are collected in the box at the end of the conveyor.

Usable Tubes

Futurelab MS2500 can classify all types of blood collection tubes. Cylindrical tubes of 76-120 mm in length and 8-19 mm in diameter are easily processed with this machine.

Sample Determination

Identification of tubes takes place through user identification rules based on cap color (optional) and / or barcode information or rules transmitted by the LIS.

Tube Capacity

Easy and uninterrupted sample loading with a capacity of 400 tubes.

Small Size

Futurelab MS2500 is the small and compact desktop version of the Futurelab Series tube sorter. Futurelab MS2500 provides a perfect solution for small and medium sized laboratories with its compact structure.

Technical Features

  • Diameter: 8 to 19 mm Length: 72 to 120 mm Rubber, film, plastic, screw, open mouth tubes
  • 2500 tubes / hour speed
  • Dimensions 942 (W) x 500 (L) x 871 (H) cm.
  • 400 tubes continuous shot

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